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Journal 3.

Life is Short: Autobiographical as Haiku

Date: April 22, 2007

Author: Jane Steimel

Jane Steimel with grand daughter Petrina.

Jane Steimel with grand daughter Petrina.

 “I shop all over Washington in search of the perfect Chinese baby doll for my new granddaughter, who is half Chinese. I want her to have such a doll to identify with her Chinese heritage. I finally find the right one. As I give it to her, I see a blue-eyed blond doll that her Chinese grandfather, who just arrived from China, shopped all over that country to find for his new American granddaughter.”

     This Haiku was very touching because normally, parents or grandparents do not like their children marrying people from different races. However, the author was excited to embrace her granddaughter’s Chinese heritage while the granddaughter’s Chinese grandfather was pleased to be in America. Even though the author uses simple vocabulary and plain descriptions, her haiku sounds harmonious with a deep message rooted inside. The author uses parallelism as she compares her actions with the Chinese grandfather’s actions. She uses similar phrases such as “shop all over the country” for both situations to show that these two people had more than one thing in common. I could clearly hear her voice and her enthusiasm for her new Chinese family relatives. This haiku gives me hope because it shows that some people do not care about races; instead, they embrace people from all parts of the world.




Journal 2.

Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?


List of words, phrases, people, references that are new to me in this article:

  • Indecision 2000
  • Tongue-in-cheek measure
  • Thomas Ricks
  • MASH
  • Agita
  • Tivos
  • Buster Keaton
  • Dr/ Strangelove
  • Hilary Clinton’s “It’s 3am”

     Comedy, according to, is the comic element of drama, of literature generally, or of life. Comedy can be an exaggeration, an understatement, a twist, a satirical comment, an ironic view, a play with words, and much more. Stewart claims that his primary role is to entertain. He makes funny faces and jokes to make the audience laugh. However, I believe Stewart’s use of humor in the Daily Show is solely to catch the viewers’ attention. There is a deeper, indirect purpose or message in each show. Stewart wants the audience to be aware of current issues and also be critical of what the media, politicians, and president says. He also teaches us that we do not have to agree with all the politicians or presidents because many of them are not as smart as we think they are. Even though Stewart’s show seems like its sole purpose is to entertain, there are other purposes to the show. Humor is used simply to capture the audience’s interest.


     I chose to research Hilary Clinton’s 3AM advertisement. The article briefly mentioned it, saying that Stewart mentioned in one of his shows “why in Senator Hilary Clinton’s “It’s 3 a.m.” ad no one picks up the phone in the White House before six rings.” From my research, I found that the ad was during Clinton’s campaign against Obama. The first link is the video of the ad, and the second link is an article explaining the ad.



explanation of ad

Journal 1.

Look for the Silver Lining

      Piracy can be beneficial for businesses in many ways. Piracy can help open new markets like Software Microsoft Windows. It can also start a new creative market that was originally banned or rejected, like the production of soy bean seeds engineered by Monsanto. Finally, piracy versions of original products can inspire businesses to improve their products and make their products better than the pirated versions. Or, in some cases, businesses copy the pirated products and make more money. Piracy is abundant in the world today and has its pros and cons. Although piracy is considered illegal, many people use pirated versions of videos, clothes, and other products to their advantange.

     For example, peer to peer sharing promotes access to media. People nowadays download pirated music and movies without knowing what they are doing is wrong. TV shows, movies, games, and music are downloaded and shared, creating a decrease in profit for businesses. However, there are a few pros even for businesses to peer to peer sharing. Because peer to peer sharing is easy and quick, news spreads quickly. For example, a music video can become a major hit all over the world before its proper release. In a nutshell, piracy, although a huge problem for businesses and governments, can ironically be beneficial to the society and the economy of some businesses as a whole.