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Journal 10.

Campaign Politics and Rhetoric

Parody is a humorous imitation of a piece of literature or writing.
Rhetoric is the art of influenicing the thought of an audience.
Campaign is the competition by rival political candidates for public office.
Logic is a particular method of reasoning or argumentation.
Fallacy is a deceptive, misleading, or false notion.

“Time for Some Campaignin” at JibJab

Quote 1: “We failed to extinguish Barack’s rising star” -Hilary Clinton
This quote, from Clinton, not only implies that Clinton lost against Obama, but also that Obama is being treated like a celebrity.

Quote 2: “I spent years in a rat hole in vietnam” -McCain
McCain looks extremely proud of his military service in this video. He suffered through the Vietnam war, so he thinks he deserves to be President.

Quote 3: “I really like change do I make myself clear” -Obama
This quote was very funny because Obama’s slogan is “vote for change”. Obama continually stressed change in his campaign, and it seems like the people who made this video were sick of that slogan.

Implied 1: The rainbow, fairies, pony, and cute animals following Obama implies that Obama’s plans are unrealistic like a fairytale. His goals for “change” are too idealistic.

Implied 2: Obama and McCain, both wearing a gold crown, toast (with a gold cup). This implies that the Presidential election has become more of a competition for a throne than a proper election for the President of the United Sates.

Implied 3: Towards the end of the video, Obama and McCain start throwing money all over the streets. They used so much money for the 2008 election. It is interesting how these candidates would do anything to get extra votes, including spending all their money.

Many logical fallacies were used in this video. I think this video was trying to show that the election is becoming a corrupt competition. The winner of the election will only win if he has the most money, fame, or interesting character.  First of all, this video uses Straw Man, where the creator of the video attacks each candidate’s unimportant points. For example, the video attacks the fact that Obama never served in the army, which is quite irrelevant for the 2008 election. Also, Clinton’s cheating scandal is shown in the video in order to add a humorous effect. However, this scene is completely unnecessary. This video may also be using appeal to ignorance because the video does not mention any of the important/crucial points about the candidates (like their opinion on taxes, etc). Instead, it attacks the funny aspects of the candidates.


Journal 13

Read 24/7!


A baseball player reading on a bench during a game is definitely something out of the ordinary. This advertisement is for educational programs that promote reading. (I can perfectly picture it hanging in our SIS library next to the bookshelves).  I used appeal to emotion in this ad. I used the words “It’s okay”, to give a more comforting tone. People who look at this benchwarmer would understand that benchwarmers don’t have to just sit there and watch the game all the time. The main target audience I had in mind was young teens who play sports. Most teens are too busy playing sports that they don’t have time to read. By looking at this ad, hopefully, some of them would be convinced that reading is not as nerdy as they thought it would be. The ad is also quite funny in that the baseball player is reading a Dr. Seuss book.

Journal 9.

Who I would vote for in 2008

Honestly, I’m very happy that I don’t have to vote for this election. I imagined what it would be like voting for either Obama or McCainI felt burdened and overwhelmed that I had the responsibility of choosing the next leader of America. Thankfully, I’m too young to vote. Still, if I had to vote, I would vote for Obama. I read in a news article that Obama is targeting young adults in America. True to this article, his campaign methods definitely appeal to younger people, including me.

Obama’s speeches, ads, and ideas are about change, especially targeted or centered around the youth. He has appealing ideas on education, health care, and the middle class. In addition, his ads were very entertaining and fit for the new age. One video pointed out how McCain was out of touch with the economy. It even stated that McCain did not know how to send a simple email. After looking at this video, I was convinced that McCain was way too old both in style and age to be President. Another smart campaign video included famous celebrities’ opinions about Obama. Celebrities like Jessica Alba came out to support Obama. This probably caught many young adults’ attention, as it caught mine.

 Finally, I disagreed with McCain in one major aspect: war. McCain was for war in Iraq, and I am definitely not. The fact that McCain wants to continue the war with Iraq made me dislike him automatically.