Monthly Archives: January 2009

Journal 16.

The New SAT Score Policy

  1.      1. What do you think about this option? Should students have the option of hiding some scores and/or low scores?

Students should most definitely have the option of hiding their scores. The only thing that matters is the students’ highest score because no matter how low his score used to be, the student improved. Students should not be penalized for improving their scores. If colleges look at all the scores of a student, then would they not accept a student with a perfect score because his first score was extremely low? Also,  many students make mistakes or take tests for trials in order to get used to the test. Their score may not reflect their highest ability, so students should have the choice to send the score of the test that they tried their best in.

     2. What do you think about universities insisting that all scores be submitted as part of the application process, rather than just the highest scores?

This proves that universities actually care about SAT scores more than they claim. Many colleges state that GPA, essays, and the overall personality of a student are considered the most during the application process. However, colleges are now contradicting themselves by saying that scores are very important. Sure, some universities may want all the scores to see the progress of  a student. But most likely, colleges do not want to accept students who had low scores in general.

     3. In what ways might the option to hide score raise the stakes and make admissions even more competitive/stressful for students?

Because of this new policy, more students will take the SAT numerous times. In fact, many of my friends claim to have signed up for every month available. More students will try to ‘game’ the SAT by going to hagwons and taking it many times.

      There are both pros and cons to the new SAT policy, but I don’t think the policy impacted anything greatly. Firstly, most colleges are ignoring collegeboard’s decision by requiring all scores to be sent. Secondly, students always took the test numerous times even before the new policy. Lastly, taking the SAT every month will not help your score drastically. Some students overreact to the SAT, but I think I’ll stick with my plan to take the SAT twice–studying for other things is more important to me.