Journal 19.

My College Quickstart

“My College Quickstart” has four main tools: A critique on my PSAT scores, an SAT study plan, a major&career match, and a college match list. Honestly, I’ve only found one of these tools useful. The other tools were either too vague or annoying. The critiques or suggestions that Collegeboard gave me after the PSAT results were actually very useless and generalized. For example, my writing and math critique said that they could not find a pattern in my needs. Also, the college match tool was very strange because there were only two colleges on my “matched” list–they were both colleges from Canada. Since this system is simply a programmed and systematic approach, I don’t think it is appropriate to tell me what kind of colleges I should consider…

On a positive note, the personality and career tests were very helpful. The questions made me think about what subjects I like, who I interacted well with, and what my working habits were. Although it took a couple of hours to complete these tests, the results were worth it. Surprisingly, the one-page essay on my personality results was very accurate; I was able to relate to each statement. I also realized that before I choose what kind of career I want, I must consider the environment of the job. I’m the type of person that must work with other people, so I am now looking at careers involving social activities.


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