Journal 24.


North Koreas missile launched

North Korea's missile launched

The New York Times article, “How Hard is it to Fire a Rocket?” claims that North Korea’s missile launch was a failure. The reporter said that launching a missile is actually quite easy, but matching the target is the hard part. North Korea’s missile only traveled a few thousand miles then fell into the sea. Kim Jong Il’s attempt to warn the world about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities was a failure; the failed launch actually proved that North Korea’s technology is decades old. Also, countries should not be threatened by this launch because the missiles cannot be aimed at a target unless North Korea manufactures specific parts necessary for target launch. North Korea does not have enough resources to manufacture or trade.
     Despite this article’s strong stance, I actually think North Korea’s missile launch was a success. First of all, it got all the attention that Kim Jong Il wanted. Secondly, the missile was somewhat successful in lifting off and reaching as far as the Pacific Ocean. North Korea proved that they could launch a missile, even if it is not accurately aimed. This is a threat especially to South Korea because the North could easily launch a missile to countries nearby.


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